TESCOM Recruitment Portal 2022/2023 See Latest Update


TESCOM Recruitment Portal 2022  which can also be known as The Teachers Service Commission Recruitment Portal, is now live. If you want to apply for TESCOM employment in Nigeria at various secondary schools across the country, you’ve come to the correct spot; you’ll find all the information you require here.

TESCOM Recruitment Portal 2022/2023 See Latest Update

We’ll show you how to sign up, log in, and get started right away with your application.

You must have a basic education degree from a college, university, or polytechnic.

In addition, only processes can be used to fill out and submit the TESCOM application.

Norms of Eligibility

First and foremost, an O’Level certificate is required. After you’ve received your certificate, make sure to include any other certificates you have.

You’ll also need a genuine birth certificate or, more likely, court-issued age declaration documents.

A valid Voters Card, International Passport, NIN (National Identification Number), or Driver’s License are all essential forms of identification. Obtaining NCE/ND/HND certifications from a respectable and well-known institution,

Bachelor’s degree in the arts or sciences from an authorized institution.

a certificate of discharge or a letter of exemption from the National Youth Service Corps.

Form of the guarantor

You are eligible for TESCOM recruiting if you meet the above criteria.

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Make sure you meet the teacher requirements if you want to apply for the TESCOM recruitment in 2022. Every state has its own TESCOM recruitment. You must complete the TESCOM job application by providing your contact information. Please keep in mind that the recruiting for 2022/2023 is currently closed.

Are you interested in becoming a Nigerian teacher? If so, go to the official TESCOM website and look up the steps.

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TESCOM Recruiting Positions

TESCOM usually has full-time positions available, and you can apply for one of them.

1.Academic or non-academic teaching personnel Jamb Result

2.Non-academic or non-teaching staff

Shortlisted Candidates on TESCOM’s Recruitment Portal

Applications will be shortlisted for CBT exams/test screening after completing the application, which will assist limit the number of applicants.

In addition, all successful candidates will be eligible for full- or part-time employment with the Teacher’s Service Commission (TESCOM).

In addition, the ultimate choice will be made based on overall performance.

Applicant Update for Those Who Were Shortlisted

You’ve already gotten your foot in the door if you’ve been shortlisted. It’s now time for the final stage — the interview – for you to shine.

It might, however, be conducted over the phone, via Skype, or in person. This, of course, varies per employer. When you’ve been selected for a position:

1.Make a concerted effort to learn more about the business.

2.Make sure you have good vision as well. Figure out why you’re interested in the particular job. And why you’d be a good match for the position. Examine your application in detail as well. Pounds to Naira

3.Be interactive in addition to that. This is not an interrogation, but rather an interview.

4.It’s a good idea to practice. As a result, practice interviewing with friends or speaking in front of a mirror.

5.You may receive an offer letter directly based on your application, which is uncommon. You begin arranging the celebration, but before you get too carried away, keep the following factors in mind: Make a record of it.

6.Review the written offer carefully as well. Also, double-check that all relevant facts, such as work profile, start date, duration, and stipend, are included, and ask questions if you have any queries.

7.When you accept the offer, write a thank-you note to the company.

8. Additionally, send an e-mail confirming your start date and expressing your excitement for your new position.

It’s crucial to note that none of the firms mentioned above are partners of ours. This information is being made accessible solely to assist you in obtaining your ideal job. As a result, do more research on the company as you apply.

States where TESCOM is hiring

Each state has its own application process and application form. All those who are eligible for TESCOM recruiting can be seen on the list below.

1.Abia State

2.Adamawa State

3.Anambra State

4.Bauchi State

5.Bayelsa State

6.Benue State

7.Borno State

8.Cross River State

9.Delta State

10.Ebonyi State

11.Edo State

12.Ekiti State

13.Enugu State


15.Gombe State

16.Imo State

17.Jigawa State

18.Kaduna State

19.Kano State

20.Katsina State

21.Katsina State

Please note that the TESCOM application is completely free. To get the form, applicants are not required to pay a charge. Dollar to Naira Rate

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