Best Insurance cover in life and after life


Best Insurance cover in life and after life: The basic concept of life insurance is that you make a payment (this is called a premium) and this guarantees that a payment (this is called a sum assured or a death benefit) will be made to your beneficiaries upon your death as the policyholder.

Best Insurance cover in life and after life

Best Insurance cover in life and after life

At Tangerine Africa, with a guaranteed payout of up to N5,000,000, our Term Life Plus insurance plan goes a step further. This plan provides you with an extra layer of protection. What is this extra layer? A redeemable critical illness benefit.
We know that as much as you would love to provide for those you care about, you also want protection for yourself while you are alive. So we created a product that caters to your needs in life and also takes care of your loved ones too.

Apart from the life benefit that is attached to our Term Life plus plan, it comes with a critical illness benefit that covers you in life.
Thanks to the critical illness benefit, a person with a Term Life Plus plan has access to up to N500,000, which is 10% of their life benefit cover of 5,000,000 if they were to fall critically ill. This payment is made if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness, to assist with related expenses.
After the critical illness benefit is paid to the life insurance holder, the great thing is that the beneficiaries of this policy get the rest of the payout sum to sort out life’s uncertainties.

Everyone is covered!

What are some of the critical illnesses covered? They include but are not limited to Coronavirus, Heart attack and stroke.
Take the first step to ensuring that you enjoy this amazing cover by clicking here.
Don’t forget you can also buy life insurance for others around you. Make sure their health and their loved ones are covered and well taken care of by clicking the ‘Buy for others’ button here.





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