Truck Driver Jobs in Canada With Visa Free Sponsorship

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada With Visa Free Sponsorship.. Truck driving is a vital occupation that is crucial in transporting goods and other materials across Canada.

If you’re looking for a job as a truck driver in Canada, which offers the possibility of visa sponsorship, then this post may assist. It is a booming job in Canada that doesn’t usually require a degree in advanced studies.

There are a variety of truck driving jobs available in Canada which offer visa sponsorship. This article will highlight some open positions and give you information about how you can apply for the position if you’re interested.

Jobs as a Truck Driver across Canada with Visas and Sponsorship

Below are a few instances of jobs as truck drivers in Canada that provide visa sponsorship as of December 2022.

Long Haul Truck Driver (Visa Sponsorship for foreigners)

company: Canadian Base Transport Ltd

Locale: Abbotsford, BC, Canada

This job is for long-haul heavy truck driving. Routes differ in various ways; they include traveling through Canada’s Province of British Columbia & Alberta and over Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB, and USA).

Salary: $24 Hourly, 50.00 Hours per/week

Employment Type: Full Time

Jobs for Truck Drivers in Canada Driving Profession Openings Canada

Company Airports, Banks and Industrial Areas, Bars, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and Airports

Where: Across Canada

The most lucrative jobs for truck drivers in Canada for foreigners who earn a salary 2022-2023- Driver Jobs within Ontario, Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Brampton: Just like every different market trucking industry is a place where employees are treated with respect and consider it as one the most significant assets.

Salary: $14-$30 Per Hour.

Long Haul Truck Driver (Visa Sponsorship)

The Company: J Gill Business Sol Ltd

Location: Kitchener, ON, Canada

Are you willing to travel across the border? Will travel for long or extended periods and be willing to travel as a team of two persons with a valid driver’s license.

Type of Travel: Long-haul, Provincial/territorial, International.

Team Drivers – LMIA Visa Sponsorship

Company: Corresponder

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hap Transportation Group Hap Transportation Group was established in 2006 as an all-in-one truck and trailer company. Since then, we’ve focused on delivering our clients the highest quality on wheels.

Work Types: Full Time

Job Opportunities for Truck Drivers in Canada with Free Visas and sponsorship

company: Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited

Location: Kerwood, ON, Canada

P&H’s history spans over 110 years, and we have always been a Canadian family-owned, family-owned, and managed agribusiness. Our corporate culture is based on family values, honesty, and integrity, emphasizing continuous learning and listening.

Work Types: Full Time

Job Opportunities for Truck Drivers across Canada Through Visa Sponsorship

The Company: Portage Transport Inc

Location: Portage la Prairie, MB, Canada

Moving cargo over international lines and obtaining necessary permits and papers. Straight or articulated trucks to transport items and other materials.

Work Types: Full Time

Do Truck Drivers require IELTS for Canada?

To become a trucker in Canada, you must fulfill specific requirements, which include being between 22 to 55, being proficient in French or English, and possessing an IELTS score of 5 bands for each section. In addition, you need to possess at least two years of experience driving.

Does Canada Hire Foreign Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers can obtain Work Permits by utilizing the Temporary Foreign Workers program. Numerous companies in Canada will hire foreign truck Drivers for specific jobs within the Organization.

The answer is yes that as truck drivers from other countries, you might be able to get a job in Canada.


Jobs as truck drivers across Canada, which have sponsorship for visas, are a fantastic alternative for foreigners looking to get a job in the field of trucking in Canada.

Canada offers a variety of truck driving jobs for foreigners with valid visas. In this article, we have listed trustworthy companies that recruit truck drivers from countries that have valid visas.

If you’re searching for the opportunity to work as a driver in Canada, It is possible to look into one of these positions.


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